The boost ability works differently than any other booster ability. You can use the ability button to boost your coin multiplier to 5x. This will make the coin booster more effective as you will be able to pick up more coins.

You will have to use the ability button to press to use the booster to increase your coin multiplier to 5x

For example: if you are using a 0.5x coin multiplier, you will first have to press the ability button to use the booster. When you do so, it will boost your multiplier to 5x. You will be able to use the booster to increase your multiplier to 1x and then to 2x and so on.

How to Unlock the Coin Boosters?

If you find the current coin multiplier too low for you to farm effectively, you can use the unlock option in the game to increase your coin multiplier. 

This will mean that you can use the boost ability with any other coin multiplier to get to 5x.

How to Activate Boosters and Unlocks?

You can find the coin booster option under the abilities. You will see a menu as shown below.

You can use this menu to unlock multiple types of coin boosters that you can choose to use in your game.

You can unlock Coin Boosters using the following methods.

-Unlocking Coin Boosters using the unlock option

-Unlocking coin boosters using specific abilities.

-Using a level 2 unlocker

The above options all work the same, so if you have any of these options you can use them to unlock the coin booster features that you want.

Coin Boosters are all identical to one another so they all boost the coin multiplier to the max that you want, you then select which one to use from the features menu by clicking on the coin multiplier as shown above.

How to use Unlocks?

You can unlock different types of Coin Boosters with different unlockers. The different coin boosters will have different coin multipliers, but you can use the same unlocker to change the coin multiplier of the booster you want to use.

For example, if you have unlocked a 0.5x coin booster, you will see the coin booster feature as shown above. You can then click on the coin booster to unlock the new boost. 

When you have unlocked the multiplier you want, you can toggle between the features using the shift and the ability button.

You can use the unlocker and the feature options to change between coin multipliers. You will see a menu that shows you which coin multiplier you want.

Select a coin multiplier to toggle between that and the coin booster feature.

For example: if you have a coin booster of 0.5x, you can change the coin multiplier to 0.7x. When you are using that multiplier, you can pick up coins by using the booster or you can drag the coin booster onto the ground to pick up the item as normal.

If you are using the 0.5x coin multiplier, you will have to use the feature of your unlocked booster.

This means that you will have to use your unlocked booster to boost the coin multiplier up to 0.5x You can do this by using the ability of the unlocked coin booster. You can also use the same ability to boost your coin multiplier to 5x.

Use the unlocked to change the coin multiplier if you are going to use the ability to boost the coin multiplier.

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