To maximize the number of Monopoly Go free rolls you can obtain, it’s important to follow a daily checklist of activities. By incorporating these strategies into your gameplay routine, you can significantly increase your chances of acquiring more dice.

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Monopoly Go on Facebook for Gifts

Scopely, the developer of Monopoly Go! occasionally gives away free gifts on their official Facebook page. While it may not be a daily occurrence, staying updated with their Facebook posts can help you snag some valuable freebies. Make sure to follow their page and keep an eye out for any gift announcements.

2. Participate in Instagram Stories Competitions

Scopely has also started giving away Monopoly Go free dice through competitions on their official Instagram page. By following the group and actively participating in these contests, you may have a chance to win some extra dice. Keep an eye on their Instagram Stories for any ongoing competitions.

3. Play Regularly to Maximize Free Rolls

One of the simplest yet effective ways to obtain free rolls is by playing Monopoly Go regularly. The game rewards you with a free roll every five minutes, and initially, you can accumulate up to 30 rolls. However, once you reach this cap, you won’t earn any additional free rolls until you spend them. It’s crucial to set up notifications or check in at least twice a day to ensure you’re utilizing your free rolls and not wasting any valuable opportunities.

4. Leverage Town Upgrades for Free Rolls

In Monopoly Go, you can use the cash you earn from rolling dice to upgrade your town. These upgrades include statues, buildings, and other real-life points of interest. As you build and upgrade all the available town upgrades, you’ll complete the town and move on to the next one. Completing a town rewards you with Monopoly Go free rolls that you can use on the board. So, it pays to invest in your town’s development and reap the benefits of additional roles.

5. Level Up for Extra Rewards

As you progress in Monopoly Go, your net worth increases, reflecting your level in the game. With each level increase, you unlock various rewards, including occasional free rolls. The only way to increase your net worth and level is by playing the game consistently. So, keep rolling those dice, accumulate wealth, and watch your net worth soar.

6. Complete Albums for Bonus Rolls

Monopoly Go features sticker packs that players can occasionally open, earning them stickers for specific albums. When you complete an album by collecting all the stickers, you receive rewards that may include free rolls. Stickers can be earned through gameplay, events, or daily logins. If you have duplicates, consider trading them with friends or joining trading groups on platforms like Facebook to complete your albums faster.

7. Collect Daily Login Rewards

Each day you log in to Monopoly Go, you’ll receive a reward. These rewards can sometimes include free rolls, making it essential to log in regularly to claim your daily bonuses. By checking the rewards every week, you can plan your gameplay accordingly and ensure you never miss out on any valuable dice.

8. Complete Daily Challenges

Monopoly Go offers daily challenges that you can complete to earn quick rewards. These challenges often include free rolls as prizes, so make it a habit to check in daily and complete them. Additionally, these daily challenges contribute to weekly rewards, so don’t overlook their importance in maximizing your overall gameplay experience.

9. Expand Your Friend List

By inviting friends to join and play Monopoly Go, you can earn 30 free rolls for each successful referral. Take advantage of this opportunity and invite as many friends as possible to play the game. Not only will you enhance your social gaming experience, but you’ll also increase your chances of acquiring more free rolls.

10. Join the Free Rolls Discord Channel

For dedicated Monopoly Go players looking to maximize their dice collection, joining the official Discord channel is a must. In the Discord community, exclusive links for free dice are shared daily. However, these links are highly sought after and disappear quickly, so you’ll need to be swift in claiming your freebies. Join the Discord channel, stay active, and keep an eye out for these valuable links.


With these strategies and tips in your arsenal, you’re well-equipped to increase your Monopoly Go free rolls and elevate your gameplay. Remember to check daily links, follow Monopoly Go on social media, play regularly, utilize town upgrades, level up, complete albums, claim daily login rewards, complete challenges, expand your friend list, and join the Discord channel. By incorporating these tactics into your gameplay routine, you’ll be on your way to becoming a Monopoly Go master. So, gather your friends, roll the dice, and let the Monopoly Go free rolls guide your path to victory!