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We’re adding the fastest and most updated free daily reward links for Match Masters fans.

So, you may have seen the new features for Match Master coin boosters and you may be wondering just how to use them in your game. 

If you haven’t seen the changes yet, you can watch the new features added to Coin booster by clicking here. This article will look into how each Coin Booster feature works.

Match Master Game Free Coin Booster:

Match Master Game Free Coin Boosters use a very similar mechanic as shields, but a lot more coins are generated when you use the coin booster.

Coins that are picked up from the ground can be used to activate items, and usability cards, and to unlock the boost multiplier to 5x.

When using the unlocked to boost the coin multiplier, it will pick up coins at random. Some of the coins will be dropped on the ground and you can collect them like regular coins, but you will never drop coins if you fail a coin booster.

If you are using the boost ability to increase your coin multiplier, then you can pick up the coins that you missed when you hit an enemy.

Coin Booster Features:

Match Masters game free coin boosters will boost your character’s coin multiplier. All Coin Boosters have the same multiplier and so do their effects. This means that you will have the same chance of generating a coin from anything that you have been hit with.

The Coin Booster feature is unique in that it can increase the coin multiplier from 0.5x to 5x.

If you have 2x the coin multiplier, your multiplier will not increase above 2x.

How does it work? 

The new Coin boosters have a new “Powerup” option that will enable you to get bonus energy for free. 

There are two types of bonuses that you can get. “Coins Bonus” which will add coins to your account. and “Energy Bonus” which will add energy to your account. The powerup for these two bonuses is the same. 

The Coin Bonus gets you 3x the amount of coins while the Energy Bonus gets you 3x the amount of energy. The following video shows the power-up in action.

How to use Coin Boosters?

Then you can press the ability button again to toggle between the ability and the unlocked.

The coin booster allows you to pick up coins from the ground. You will have to press the ability button to pick up the coins, and then you can hold down the ability button to use the booster to boost your coin multiplier.

If you fail, you can hold the ability button again to try to boost the coin multiplier to 5x.

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