A recent discussion in a hedge fund chat group (and I’ll note that some people are very leery about discussing publicly what should be considered private information) led to this question: “What is the root and affirm file to IPO?” The conversation turned to an informed debate about where you draw the line between being transparent enough. In other words, is there a certain way that an analyst or investor should think about where the root and affirm file to IPO are… or should they just assume that it is there? There are some fundamental issues here…

First, let’s start by assuming that anyone reading this article believes that the stock market is anything like a lottery or sweepstakes. If so, that’s fine… but don’t underestimate the power of that perceived lottery draw. Anyone who’s ever won a large jackpot in the lottery has vivid memories of feeling like their luck had suddenly changed for the better – that they had suddenly been found and now had all the money they wanted.

If you’re going to go into the stock market thinking that you will pick the number one stock from an apple tree, you need to think again. Why? Because you can’t go into the stock market and expect to hit a single lucky number. You have to analyze the numbers, consider them over time, and then draw your conclusions from there. The root and affirm file to IPO from an apple tree certainly apply here.

Second, and this is the real crux of the matter. People who read things like this or hear things like this think that the only way to make money from the stock market is to predict the price moves and make a bunch of calls before it happens. That’s like having a crystal ball and seeing everything ahead of you in slow motion. If you don’t know how to read the charts, you shouldn’t even think about making any trades!

Now, if you really want to get rich with the stock markets and earn lots of money, you have to have a different mindset. Instead of thinking about making a single trade, you need to think about how you are going to buy stocks so that you can grow your net worth. And that’s not just by anticipating which way the stock prices are going to go. It’s about anticipating where they will be in a few months or years from now, too.

That is the root and affirm file to IPO from an apple tree. It really is that simple. So, if you haven’t already, what is holding you back? Don’t put it off any longer. Get started today with what I call the master series on how to IPO from an apple tree.

How can you really get rich? Well, the answer really is simple. You buy low and sell high. Pretty simple, right? If you’re still saying to yourself that no one has ever made money buying and selling stocks, then I have some news for you: The only person that has never made money buying and selling stocks is you!

The apple is the root and affirms the file to IPO from an apple tree. It really is that simple. And believe me when I tell you that you don’t have to be some brain surgeon or anything like that to make money in the stock markets. All you have to do is get started now. You’ve got nothing to lose, so why not do it?

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