The Flip Diving is a very interesting new game from the publisher Crave Entertainment. You are a diver who must navigate through an endless ocean of bubbles while shooting down fish as they come in. You will make your way to the bottom and dock in one of the many ports available to you. It is up to you whether or not you want to eat the fish that you just shot or simply keep them for later use. Each level is full of divers seeking revenge on other divers who failed to beat them.

I had a chance to try the game for a few minutes recently and was impressed with its graphics. It runs well and looks quite nice too. I especially enjoyed the underwater scenes that are included. They show a lot of detail and really bring the world of diving to life. It’s clear that Crave Entertainment put lots of time and effort into the game.

It’s quite hard to tell which level you are on at any given moment. There are no landmarks to mark and it can be hard to tell when you are actually approaching land. The one thing I noticed though is that the graphics are not very detailed. I would have liked to see a bit more of the ocean floor as well. There are many areas that are barely visible making the game feel less like a water-based adventure.

It seems that Flip Diving is one of those games that is on a roll. It has just about everything you would expect from a sports game. It has good graphics, a couple of cool unlockables, some challenging puzzles, and an overall great package. One thing that disappointed me was that the game seemed to be set up to only give me one objective. Other than that, the game offers up a good mix of action, puzzle-solving, and relaxing time swimming.

One of the things I like best about video games is when they allow players to immerse themselves in their environment and Flip Diving does just that. As I said before, there is not much driving involved but you will likely do quite a bit of surfing, sailing, and sky diving as well. I love how each platform changes and the way the colors are added to the screen. It makes the whole game look bright and colorful.

However, like many hidden object games, there is one major drawback that could really make the game boring. The only true way to beat the bosses in this one is to load up on weapons, items, and upgrades that will boost your score. Even then, beating the bosses in this game is still not guaranteed because even just getting past one can take a long time. This is something that you will likely come to appreciate as it turns into one of those games you can’t seem to beat.

Flip Diving does have some nice features like online leader boards and leadership challenges. The online leader boards allow you to compare your performance with others from around the world. These leader boards are a fun way to make your gameplay more varied. Also, the challenges offered via Flip Diving’s website are a lot of fun as well.

Overall, Flip Diving is a fun game. It provides an escape from the stresses of everyday life. One huge downside to the game, however, is the fact that you have to pay to unlock all the endings. The price is reasonable though, so it shouldn’t be a big problem. I would definitely recommend this game if you have a chance to play it. I feel that it fits well into any kind of gaming atmosphere and would definitely be one game you should try.

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