Music Business Worldwide is an online music business news and review site launched in mid-2021 by music producer Tim Ingham. It ranks number 22,845 in this list of all the most visited worldwide sites as of December 2021 according to Alexa Internet search. The site has music industry links from major record labels such as Virgin, RCA, Universal, Etc., as well as independent artists and groups. It also gives advice and information on the music business and distribution.

This is not only a music business site but also provides links for DJing and mixing services as well as providing details on how to get started in the music business. The aim is to bring together music enthusiasts of different genres and skill levels to exchange information and knowledge about the music business. If you are new to the music scene, you can find music job openings and other ways of obtaining music jobs. Tim’s site is great for independent artists and groups looking for representation and promotions. Independent artists and groups are increasingly using social networking sites such as Facebook to promote themselves.

Tim’s music business worldwide is especially helpful to independent artists and groups as it gives access to music job openings worldwide. Independent artists and groups struggle to get their music in top music stores and record labels look down upon them as “indie” bands. Music Business Worldwide helps independent artists and groups gain exposure by providing a forum for the global music business. It is a membership site where you pay a monthly or annual fee and joins as a member. Membership is free and costs less than a single concert at a major venue. The site features videos, links to other music business worldwide sites, articles, and many other music business-related things.

Music Business Worldwide provides global exposure for up-and-coming talent and acts. Artists and bands submit their resumes to the site and review them. If an artist or group is found to have world wide web site exposure they will be added to Music Business Worldwide’s directory. This helps the music business worldwide with new contacts, potential promotion, touring opportunities, and more. By helping up-and-coming talent and groups get the recognition and exposure they need, the music business worldwide can prosper.

The first time you visit Music Business Worldwide you will see a list of current members and past members. You can also see current music business happenings around the world. The site offers music job openings, a message board for band and artist discussion, advice, and a newsletter. There are chat rooms for band and artist interaction. This is a great way to find out about local music business happenings in your area.

For those of you who enjoy traveling and working in another city for a while, the site is perfect for you. You can post your resume on the home page and connect with potential employers in other cities. You can also connect with international music jobs that you would not normally have access to. By posting your resume on Music Business Worldwide you will be able to tap into a growing group of global artists. These global music jobs will give you a chance to travel the world and see different parts of the world. Plus, by using the site you will be exposing yourself to countless other potential music jobs that you may not have even known about.

Music Business Worldwide is an ideal place to find any type of music business job you are looking for. It is not only a site to post your resume, it is also a great place to meet others in the music business. You can network with them and gain access to national music business events and links to music industry blogs. Networking is a big part of being successful in the music business.

If you love music and have some experience in the music business, the music business can provide you with many avenues to success. It is a great way to get your name out there in front of millions of people all over the world. Finding a rewarding position at a worldwide web-based music business company is not difficult at all.

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