You must be aware of the factors that affect bike insurance prices. Age, model, add-ons, and the type of policy you choose will all influence your premium. To get a fair idea of what each factor means, read on! Here are some tips to make your insurance quote more competitive:

Factors that affect bike insurance premium

Motorcycle insurance premiums are influenced by several factors, including the type of bike and the make and model of the motorbike. Because bikes of different make and models have different replacement costs, they pose higher risks to insurers. Motorcycles that are imported or are extremely expensive, for example, are more expensive to replace, so insurers charge higher premiums for these types of vehicles. However, there are ways to lower the cost of bike insurance.

The engine capacity of the two-wheeler is another factor that affects the premium. The higher the engine capacity, the higher the insurance premium. Moreover, high-end bikes are available in the Indian market and are often more expensive. Modifying these bikes may also increase your premium. Since insurers want to protect their investment, many riders make them look better. While they may increase the premium, this decision is not made lightly.

Type of policy

There are many factors to consider when choosing a bike insurance policy. It is important to make sure that the policy you buy covers the types of risks you are likely to encounter on your bike, and that you regularly renew your policy. You can also look for discounts on your policy if you have no claims. Some companies offer special discounts for bike owners. But a policy that covers everything is the best option for you. Here are some tips for selecting the best bike insurance policy.

Comprehensive Bike Insurance: The comprehensive type of bike insurance plan covers damages to yourself or to another person’s vehicle, and will cover your liability for third-party losses. It is recommended that you buy this type of policy if you ride your bike very rarely or only on the road. It is also possible to customize your policy and add riders to it. In the event of an accident, comprehensive bike insurance will pay for medical expenses, repair costs, and even loss of income.

Age of bike

As a rider gets older, motorcycle insurance premiums tend to drop significantly. For men, the premium drop is as much as twenty percent, while for women, the decrease is anywhere from twelve to fifteen percent. While many 25-year-olds are college graduates or married, and they may not have the experience or wealth of older riders, insurance companies still believe that they are responsible and will pay their premiums on time. In addition, riders in the 40 to fifty-year-old age group pay lower rates as they are considered “safer” by insurance companies. After 50, the discount may be even deeper, while riders over 65 may see their rates creep back up.

The age of a rider’s bike can play a huge role in the premium. While a rider’s gender and experience also play a role, age can be especially important for motorcycle insurance premiums. For example, Devassy is 56 years old, and Biju is 21 years old. Age and gender play a big role in determining a rider’s premium, but so do factors such as model, age, gender, and riding record. For instance, Verghese, who rides a Yamaha Scooty, pays more than the same model BMW or Honda. This is because the scooter’s market value is higher than the motorcycle’s current value. Insurance premiums for older vehicles are based on the present resale value and the condition of the vehicle.

Add-on covers

In addition to the standard cover of your two-wheeler, you can also purchase add-ons to cover a variety of things. The engine protector add-on covers the damages that can occur to an engine due to lubricating oil leaks or water ingress. These add-ons also protect against theft and total damage to a bike. To learn more about the benefits of each one, read on!

Medical cover is the most important add-on cover you can purchase. If you are involved in an accident, the medical assistance you receive will be invaluable. But medical expenses are often high, so you should purchase a medical add-on cover to cover all of the costs of medical treatment. Medical expenses can quickly add up. When you have medical coverage, you’ll have peace of mind and be able to focus on recovering from an accident.


Many insurance companies use your gender to set your car insurance rates. But in many states, you can’t even get car insurance without telling your insurer your gender. That’s because some states have laws that ban insurers from identifying customers based on their gender, and other states have policies that allow insurers to use this information. Gender is one factor that can affect your car insurance price, but there are many others that can impact your rates.

The European Court of Justice recently ruled that gender should not play a role in motorbike insurance pricing. In other words, if you’re a woman, you shouldn’t pay more for your policy than a man. However, some insurance companies still charge higher rates for female riders. Despite this, the fact remains that women typically pay less than men for their coverage is a good thing. Regardless of how your gender affects your bike insurance cost, it’s still beneficial to know the details.

Ride history

While many insurers consider age and riding experience in their decision-making process, your ride history maybe even more important. Experience can lower your premiums. The more you ride, the safer you are – and your insurance company will be reassured by this. Additionally, your motorcycle’s value and model are factors in determining how much your premium will cost. Your bike insurance price depends on offsetting risks, so keep a clean record and be aware of any discounts you may be eligible for.

Clean driving history can also lead to a good rider discount. A good driving history tells insurance companies that you are a lower risk. In addition, a layup policy can help northern riders save money during the colder months. Some insurers also offer discounts to those who store their vehicles in a locked garage. This means a bad driving record can increase your insurance price. So, get quotes to see if your motorcycle insurance price goes up.