Coin Master is a completely free, online, single-player, real time multiplayer flash game developed by Israel-based mobile studio, Moon Coresoft. The game is simple to learn and enjoyable to play mobile platform. There are many online games on current trends today, but coin master definitely seems to be at the top of many players’ lists. Coin Master is free to download, for both Android and Apple smartphones. If you love free applications and love playing online games, then you would definitely love Coin Master.

The story behind the development of this amazingly popular gem is absolutely fantastic. Mr. David Benizel, the creator of Coin Master, wanted to create a game that combines his love for gambling and his passion for art. To create such an innovative game he needed the help of some very talented people. A team of programmers and artists worked hard day and night to create a one-of-a-kind, addictive yet fun and entertaining game that is still being played today. Coin Master was born.

Coin Master is a card, board, and puzzle game that revolves around real time strategy. Players take turns drawing from four cards and using these cards to earn money by making their choice of plays. You will earn money based on your choice of plays and how many of your opponent’s land on their lands. The more opponents you knock out the more money you will earn.

The core game of Coin Master is played in “real-time” style. In each round of play, you are given 4 cards and are required to select 4 letters of the English alphabet from a wide selection to form pairs. These letters form the layout of the game board. You will alternate turns and choose your next turn when a letter is chosen.

Coin Master game comes with three games, all having different rules or game concepts. One game is for two players who take turns choosing tiles to place in a grid. The second is played with only one player as in a “real-time strategy” game where you must draw tiles and place them in a matching row to earn money. The third and last is the timed game where you must play the same tile for the entire duration of the game otherwise you lose points.

I really enjoyed playing the game as it reminded me of some of my favorite real time strategy games. The main objective is to get as many coins as possible by making the best combinations and using special coins values during play. As you progress through the levels you will find that there are more powerful tiles and gems available to be used in combination with the regular ones. As a result, the game will become more challenging and the goal attainable much easier. Coin Master really has something for everyone.

Coin Master game has been developed by Cryptozoic Inc., the folks behind the popular online trading and gaming service Cryptozoic. With years of experience and a long list of happy customers, they know what they are doing when it comes to creating quality games. It’s no surprise that Coin Master stands above the rest. When you have a few free minutes why not check out their website and see for yourself? You won’t be disappointed.

All in all, I believe Coin Master is a fun and addictive game that any iPhone user would love to have. Its simple concept and easy-to-learn interface make it extremely accessible for anyone. The free version is good enough for beginners but it introduces a “real-time strategy” element that could really help boost the enjoyment level. If you like real time strategy games, you’ll love Coin Master. It’s worth a try.

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