BC3 Brockway grounds to uncover new program choices at May 4 open house

BC3 Brockway grounds to uncover new program choices at May 4 open house

Brockway – At an open house on May 4, prospective students will have the opportunity to learn about new virtual opportunities that more than double the number of credit programs at BC3 @ Brockway, about the school’s 5-year-old registered nursing program, and about how affordable it is.

At the open house, which will take place from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. at 1200 Wood St., Suite D, Brockway, BC3 @ Brockway will waive the $25 application fee for prospective students who apply for admission.

On May 4, BC3 @ Brockway will also host a free workshop to assist prospective students or their families in applying for federal financial aid and an information session about its Nursing, R.N., associate degree program. Prospective students can RSVP for the open house at

The workshop on how to get free federal student aid will take place in Computer Lab 118 from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. Families or forthcoming understudies can RSVP to go to the studio by messaging

The Nursing, R.N., data meeting will be held from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. in Room 206. BC3 @ Brockway in 2022 graduated its biggest class in the vocation program that appeared in 2018 to address a high-need occupation in the six-district North Focal Labor Force Improvement Region.

Open house visitors can likewise find out about help administrations and understudy exercises, visit the office, and survey monetary guide amazing open doors and educational cost.

At BC3 @ Brockway, 19 associate degree, certificate, or workplace certificate programs are available to fall students.

Four associate degrees and nine certificate or workplace certificate virtual programs are among the new options. The courses in these programs will be taught by BC3 faculty and can be accessed at any time.

Imminent understudies can show on their free application for confirmation of their goal to seek after a virtual program that can be finished completely on the web.

Accounting among the new virtual programs BC3 @ Brockway will add a virtual associate degree program in accounting. It will likewise offer virtual choices to relate degree programs in business organizations, business executives, and brain research.

At BC3 @ Brockway, there are associate degree transfer programs in business administration, psychology, general studies, and social work.

According to Sharla Anke, BC3’s assistant dean of institutional research and planning, approximately 60% of students this spring are enrolled in transfer programs.

Bookkeeping, business the board and Nursing, R.N., join medical services science and office organization chief as partner degree vocation programs at BC3 @ Brockway.

Regardless of the instructional format, the number of credits required to graduate from a BC3 @ Brockway associate degree program ranges from 60 to 70.

Students will be able to earn a virtual certificate or workplace certificate in a variety of fields, including accounting, basic manufacturing, business skills, entrepreneurship, human resources, human resource management, management of applied technology, marketing management, and Microsoft Office specialist. This will allow students to gain skills that will allow them to enter the workforce right away.

Authentication programs incorporate more broad training, elective, or professional preliminary courses than do working environment endorsements. The new virtual authentications expect 30 to 33 credits to graduate and work environment testaments, 16 to 21.

The skills are necessary to immediately enter the workforce can be developed by graduates of the certificate and workplace certificate programs offered by BC3 @ Brockway as well as the associate degree career programs offered by BC3 @ Brockway.

Additionally, BC3 @ Brockway credits can be used to earn a bachelor’s degree at public, private, or online four-year institutions.

Students enrolled in BC3 @ Brockway will pay $280 per credit for in-person courses and $305 for online courses in the spring of 2023, resulting in a debt-free graduation rate of 60%.

For Pennsylvania residents attending a regional public four-year university in the spring of 2023, the tuition and fees for an in-person course start at $437.23 per credit and an online course at $374.20.

For Pennsylvania residents attending branch campuses of regional state-related institutions in the spring of 2023, tuition and fees range from $582 to $734 per credit for in-person courses to $620 for online courses.

According to Lynn Ismail, the assistant director and financial manager of the BC3 Education Foundation, a record $280,000 in scholarships have been given to BC3 students in 2022 and 2023.

Almost 60% of BC3’s Group of 2022 graduated obligation free.

Eight Nein. Since 2015, BC3 has been ranked No. 1 in the state. Since 2015, has ranked Pennsylvania’s number one community college for the year 2023.

Sources in Specialty’s August report incorporated the Public Place for Training Measurements’ Coordinated Postsecondary Schooling Information Framework; the U.S. Branch of Training’s Office of Post-Auxiliary Schooling and School Scorecard information; the nonprofit Brookings Institution, which conducts research and policy analysis in Washington, D.C.; and its survey of college students.

Physical therapist assistant associate degrees are also available to BC3 @ Brockway students who study health care science; or the massage therapy management option on the main campus of BC3 for technical trades. They can likewise complete their authentications in rub treatment or in viable nursing on BC3’s principal grounds.

At BC3 @ Brockway, students can also take pre-nursing classes.

BC3’s fall semester starts Aug. 21 with a 15-week Meeting 1 and a five-week generally online Quick Track 1.

The college’s second 10-week session starts on September 18. Fast Track 2 begins on September 25 and Fast Track 3 begins on October 30.

Questions can be sent to or called 814-265-1813 for prospective BC3 @ Brockway students.