Arizona State (W. P. Carey), Chitray (Ray) Eddy, 2023 Best & Brightest Online MBA

Arizona State (W. P. Carey), Chitray (Ray) Eddy, 2023 Best & Brightest Online MBA

Pennsylvania State University, Bachelor of Science in Economics.

Where are you employed right now? IKEA’s Capacity & Flow Planner

What professional accomplishment are you most proud of?

My department chose me to present cutting-edge technology to my colleagues. While receiving this acknowledgment in and of itself was nice, other coworkers came up to me after the training to say that they were able to use the technology due to my teaching. I will always be grateful for the chance to provide these coworkers with a platform that let them gather and share data-driven ideas.

Why did you select the online MBA program at this university?

In my extensive research on online MBA programs, W. P. Carey consistently came up as having demanding material, interesting electives, and a rewarding team environment. I was confident that this combination would provide me with the MBA abilities I wanted as well as enduring relationships with peers. I could see that W. P. Carey offered exceptional career support, chances for campus involvement, and a network that covered every profession outside of the classroom. These advantages made W. P. Carey the ideal location for me to do my MBA!

What about taking an online MBA program was your favorite?

Anywhere you are, the classroom is open anytime you are. I’ve managed to cram exams into flights, stream classes while on vacation, and attend office hours while on the move. It’s wonderful that my education is not constrained by space or time.

What about an online learning environment surprised you the most?

I would experience the same level of camaraderie with my peers that I did during my on-campus undergraduate studies. I was certain that the online format and my scattered classmates would make me feel distant, yet the contrary was actually true. I got to know my classmates a lot better than I had anticipated, and I made connections that I will cherish forever.

How did your undergraduate educational experience in the classroom and online compare?

I would say that I feel equally as connected to the school as I did with my undergraduate institution, in addition to feeling the same connection with my classmates as I did during my in-class experience. I still bleed maroon and gold, even though I didn’t spend the whole two years in Tempe as I would have in a residential program. With all the opportunities W. P. Carey offers, you truly feel like a Sun Devil. I would argue that aside from the form of delivery, there hasn’t been a discernible difference between the two encounters. W. P. Carey gave me everything I was searching for in a college experience, including a graduate degree that allowed me to continue my study.

What aspects of an online MBA program would you change?

I wish more students studying online would participate. I understand that adding another task can seem unattainable, but we can. Additionally, this involvement outside of the classroom will enable you to gain even another comprehensive MBA experience. My involvement in extracurricular activities has been extremely gratifying, and I am live proof of it.

What practical benefits have you experienced from your online education?

While studying for my MBA online, the transition from knowledge gain to practical application was quick. Within days, you can go from learning a subject to mastering it in practical business settings. I was using material from every single lesson to perform an analysis, present an argument, or demonstrate a concept in the present. This hands-on education was priceless for me and has given me the assurance that my talents have been put to the test and developed, all of which would have been impossible for me to do without an online degree.

Did you get promotion throughout the program or right after you graduated?

No, I have not; instead, I am still deliberating over my possibilities.

Why did you choose to enroll in an online MBA program rather than a full-time residential one?

There were two key factors that led me to choose an online MBA program over a full-time residential one. First of all, my competing priorities prevented me from pausing my employment for two years to enroll in a full-time residential MBA program. Additionally, I wanted to develop those talents in the actual world and use what I had learned to advance my profession. Both requirements could be satisfied with the flexibility provided by an online MBA, and W. P. Carey made them a reality.

An online MBA is typically completed in around 27 hours of study time each week.

What do you want to achieve professionally in the long run?

In the long run, I hope to establish myself as a key figure in supply chain business analytics, working to improve people’s lives, perhaps rising to the position of executive director of a non-profit, and utilizing my training and experiences to confidently take the initiative when my supply chain is most needed.